Canadian Student Visa

Canadian Student Visa


To obtain a Canadian student visa, you must prepare certain documents and also meet the requirements of the intended university. Studying in Canada requires admission to one of most prestigious Canadian universities.


Requirements of  Student Visa  for Schools in Canada


 Schools in Canada are divided into elementary and high school. According to Canadian law, people from 6 and 18 years old are required to attend school. Elementary school is from ages 6 to 13, and high school is from ages 13 to 18. Also, people aged 3 to 6 are educated in kindergarten. The high school course is 4 years, and students must have completed 12 years before entering university.

Canadian schools are divided into private and public. International students whose parents do not reside in Canada must continue their education in international schools, and pay tuition. However, if their parents reside in Canada, they can continue attending Canadian public schools, which is also free. The important point is that one of the parents of children who intend to continue their education in Canadian schools can stay with them in Canada and their visa is a tourist visa. It is valid until the end of school.


Requirements of Undergraduate Student Visa


 After completing a 12-year course and having IELTS 6, individuals can enter college or university. The undergraduate course is 4 years. While studying, people are allowed to work 20 hours a week. The maximum age at which people can enter the bachelor’s degree is 23 years old. If the age is higher, the risk of obtaining a visa is very high. The main condition for admission to the bachelor’s degree is to have a diploma and basic transcripts. Having a language degree also plays an important role in admitting students, but some universities also accept without a language degree.


Master’s Degree Student Visa Requirements


Admission to this degree requires an excellent resume, which can be mentioned with a grade point average above 13 and having an IELTS 6.5. Depending on the field that people are studying at the undergraduate level, they can also choose the same field for the master’s degree. Students can work 20 hours a week while studying. The best age for admission to a master’s degree is usually 32 years old.


Requirements of  Doctoral Student Visa


To be admitted to a doctoral program at a Canadian university, you must have an average above 13 in the undergraduate and graduate courses. Also, having an IELTS 7 degree is required depending on the field and the university. This course lasts 3 to 5 years and the person is responsible for both the course or training and the research or project. These projects are usually supported by companies, so in most cases the student will be awarded a scholarship. This scholarship sometimes covers only tuition and in some cases also includes living expenses, which is also called full fund. The student will receive a degree called PhD after the completion of this course. PhD students in Canada also have the opportunity to work. However, depending on the type of scholarship, students who have used scholarships to study at this level may not be allowed to work part-time.

Admission to this degree is different from previous degrees. To study for a PhD in Canada and obtain admission, you must correspond directly with a professor in your field of study and, by presenting a strong resume, convince one of the professors to accept you as a student so that he can be your supervisor while are studying at university. High grades, a high language score, an ISI paper, and a strong proposal are some of the things that can make your resume strong.

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