Student Visa

Student Visa


 A student visa is to follow education in the intended country. The first step in obtaining the student visa is admission to the university of the destination country. Depending on its immigration law, each country applies different fees for obtaining the student visa.

Using the student visa, students can study for 12 months or more abroad. Due to rapid increase in international education, more students intend to study abroad, and most of them consider studying abroad for permanent residence in that country.


Necessary Documents to Obtain the Student Visa


  • Valid Passport: A valid passport is the first requirement for you and any person accompanying you to travel. Each page of the passport must be scanned separately and saved as a PDF.
  • Proof of Student Status: Proof of student status is required for admission to any university in other countries. This proof is often done with the approval of the educational institution where you study.
  • Admission Letter from the University: Confirmation letter from the university to which you have applied to study must have attached to your documents.
  • Language Score: Getting a minimum language score is required to enter the university.
  • Student Transcripts: For undergraduate degree, scanning of pre-university and diploma transcripts is required, and for higher levels, scanning of bachelor’s and master’s transcripts is required.
  • Motivation Letter: Having a motivation letter related to the applicant field can increase his chances of admission.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Having at least 2 to 3 letters of recommendation from university professors can guarantee a person’s resume.
  • Letter of Financial Ability: This certificate can be submitted to the embassy of the destination country in two ways: The first way is to present a certificate of financial ability at the value declared by the embassy of the destination country. The second way is to provide a guarantee and support certificate by one of the applicant relatives in the destination country who will be able to support you throughout the study period.


Conditions for Obtaining the Student Visa


Obtaining a student visa in each country has its own rules and conditions, which are determined by the immigration office of each country. The basic conditions for obtaining this visa can be considered the average, language score and financial ability.

GPA: Each university usually has a set of quorum for GPA.

Language Score: Getting a minimum language score is required for admission to universities. The language certificate can be IELTS or TOEFL, and the GRE is required for some countries.

Financial Support: For people over the age of 18, financial support is considered documents of that person’s financial ability. The person’s financial ability must support all tuition and living expenses in the intended country. For people under the age of 18, the financial documents of the head must provide all tuition and living expenses. For those who have family, relatives and friends in the country studying, they can get help for their tuition and living expenses.

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