Company Registration in Spain

Company Registration in Spain


Spain is the largest independent country on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain has many historic cities and villages. Madrid is the capital and largest city of this country. Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville and Malaga are among major cities in Spain. Given the supports of the Spanish government and also because Spain is essentially a country with a beautiful climate and nature and attracts many investors and tourists, investment conditions in Spain are very favorable. One of the best ways to immigrate to Spain and obtain a residence permit is Company Registration in Spain. Every year, many people immigrate to Spain to register commercial and non-commercial companies.


Benefits of Registering a Company in Spain


  • Easy access to European markets
  • Obtaining a Schengen visa for all family members
  • Obtaining easier visas for other countries of the world
  • Free trade and customs laws in the Schengen area
  • Using European brand
  • Opening personal and company accounts in the most prestigious European banks
  • Requiring low capital to register a company in Spain
  • Applying for permanent residence in Spain after three years of running the company
  • Lack of mandatory rules such as having a Spanish partner


Registering a Company in Spain and Obtaining a Residence Permit


  1. In the form of starting a new company
  2. Through a joint venture
  3. As a subsidiary of a Spanish company
  4. Self-employment
  5. Opening a representative office


What are the Process and Steps of Registering a Company in Spain?


Under Spanish law, all people intending to start a business in the country (whether Spanish citizens, or foreign nationals) must first obtain an economic code before taking any action.

To get the Economic Code, you must fill out an economic application form and submit it to your lawyer in Spain with your passport, two photos, a receipt for the payment of the relevant amounts and a statement of the reason for applying for the economic code so that he gets your Economic Code.

In the next step of the confirmation, get the company name from the Mercantile Registry website and then, using the above documents, the steps of obtaining the tax identification code for your company in the Spanish tax office will be completed. After getting the tax identification code, your bank account confirmation in Spain (at least € 3,000) will be gotten.

To obtain Spanish residence through company registration, an economic justification plan must be submitted to the Spanish Ministry of Commerce explaining the work plan for the next 3 years and showing that the business in question is profitable.

After going through the above steps and preparing the mentioned documents in Spain, you must go to the Spanish Embassy in Tehran with the prepared documents and apply for a visa. After obtaining a visa and traveling to Spain, you will be issued a residence card.

One of the main advantages of this way is the possibility of taking and obtaining the residence of family members (spouse and children under 18) from the beginning and after 3 years of temporary residence, your family members and you can obtain permanent residence in Spain, and after 5 years of permanent residence, you can apply for your passport.

The process of obtaining permanent residence in Spain through company registration is at least two years faster than other ways because you can obtain permanent residence after three years of temporary residence.


Documents Required to Obtain a Residence Permit in Spain Through Company Registration


  • Original ID card or passport and their copies
  • Company name confirmation certificate
  • Two photos
  • Medical certification
  • Economic Code Request Form
  • Statement of Reasons for Applying for an Economic Code
  • Tax Identification Code
  • Bank account confirmation in Spain (at least € 3,000)

(The whole process of obtaining Spanish residence usually takes between 10 and 16 months by registering a company)


What are the Conditions for Extending your Residence in Spain by Registering a Company?


  • Timely payment of the minimum tax amount (it varies depending on the type of Business)
  • Failure to commit criminal offenses
  • Profitability of the company
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