Company Registration in France

Company Registration in France


France is located in Western Europe. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. There is the Bay of Biscay in the west of the country and the English Channel in the north of the country. After Germany, France is the second most populous country in the European Union with a population of 67 million. The capital of this country is Paris, which is the main center of trade and culture. Company registration in France is a good way to enter the fifth largest economy in the world.


Benefits of Registering a Company in France:


  1. 100 % ownership (without the need for a local partner)
  2. Access to all parts of Schengen Europe for travel, business and long-term residence
  3. Possibility to apply for permanent residence after 3 years
  4. Possibility to apply for a passport 5 years after obtaining permanent residence
  5. Possibility to apply for easy visa for all parts of the world
  6. Opening a corporate and personal account
  7. Using European trademarks (brands)
  8. Free trade and customs laws within the European Union


Types of French Company Registrations:


French Joint Stock Company (Social Anonymity – SA)

At least seven shareholders are required to establish the company in France. The founders can be natural or legal persons. The initial capital of the shares to set up a company in France is 37,000 euros. Capital is divided into shares and shareholders have limited liability for their shares.


French Limited Liability Company (société a repababilité limitée – SARL)


This type of business in France can only be established by at least two shareholders. More than 100 natural or legal persons cannot set up SARL France. Minimum capital is not required. This structure is usually recommended for small and medium-sized companies established in France.


Simple Stock Company (société paractions simplified – SAS)


It is similar to a private limited company, but more flexible and requires only two partners to establish a company in France. The chairman of the company must be appointed by the shareholders.


French Personal Property (entreprise individualuelle)


When only one founder decides to establish a company in France, a private property is the best choice. The founder is fully responsible for all debts and obligations. No initial capital is required for this type of company formation in France.


Business Partnership (société en nom συλλεκ – SNC)


At least two partners are required to set up a company as far as partnership is concerned. The partners are responsible for the obligations and debts of the partnership to the extent of their personal assets. No minimum capital is required to set up a business partnership in France. The business activities of the partners must be carried out under the same brand.


Documents Required to Register a Company in France:


  • Articles of Association
  • Business Plan
  • Degree of Education
  • Related Work History or Activity
  • Financial Ability
  • Bank Account Turnover 3 to 6 months
  • Opening a Bank Account in France
  • Identity Documents of Shareholders
  • Certificate of Criminal Records
  • Medical Test

All Steps of Company Registration in France


When the applicant selects the desired structure, he or she must choose a suitable name for his or her company, which must not be duplicated in any way, and it is better to provide three names of his or her choice in order not to be duplicated so that one of these names is confirmed.

Once the name of the company has been approved, you must complete all the forms for registering a company in France, or through experienced lawyers from immigration law firms, after which you must submit an economic justification plan or prepare the same business plan in which the type of your business activity and the purpose of this business activity is specified and also the expectations of this plan are introduced.

After submitting the economic justification plan to the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Labor of France, and after confirmation and agreement to start a business, you can apply for an embassy appointment, and you go there with the time and date that the French embassy gives. However, you must keep in mind that all your documents must be completed, because it is possible that the visa application will be rejected with any defect in your file.

After reviewing the documents by the French embassy and after confirming them, you will be issued a 1-year visa, according to which, you must prepare a report on the company performance during this period, which if this performance is positive, you can extend this visa and apply for permanent residence after paying taxes for three to five years.

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